Palmeral is a photo-book by Sara Perovic.
The photos were taken between 2013 and 2017 in Berlin Botanischer Garten, Honolulu and O'ahu Island, San Francisco, Tropical Island 2014, Elche and Jubalcoi, Tropical Island 2017.

Published and printed by Colorama in July 2017, all artworks and concept by Sara Perovic, 52 pages, 20x27cm, risoprint in tritone (yellow, green, purple) + black on Munken Pure Rough 90g. Bound with an elastic, packed in a golden envelope.
First edition of 150.

Reprinted and published by Colorama in September 2018.
Second edition od 150.
You can order it at saraperovic(at)

Also available at:
Colorama, Berlin
Fuoriregistro, Jesi
Printed Matter, Inc., New York
Tipi Photo Bookshop, Bruxellse

Video (by Tipi Bookshop)

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